Generali Investments SICAV - European Equity Recovery D Distr

ISIN: LU0997480792| WKN: A1XDPP| Währung: EUR| Typ: Aktienfonds
105,96 EUR
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ISIN LU0997480792
Gesellschaft Generali Investments Deutschland Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH
Fondswährung EUR
Ertragsverwendung ausschüttend
Fondsmanager François Gobron & Eric Biassette
Auflage 09.01.2014
Gesamtfondsvolumen 406,8 Mio. EUR
Mindestanlage n.v.


Ausgabeaufschlag 5,00%
Verwaltungsgebühr 1,80%


1 Woche 0,00%
3 Monate -0,68%
seit Jahresbeginn 15,00%
1 Jahr 23,52%
3 Jahre 22,70%
5 Jahre n.v.


The objective of the Fund is to outperform its benchmark and to provide a long-term capital appreciation, investing in equities listed on South European markets. The Fund shall invest at least 75% of its net assets in Eurozone equities and will mainly invest in equities by companies, listed on stock exchanges of any South European country being a participating member state of the Eurozone (qualifying as Regulated Markets). Focus is given to Countries facing economic recovery driven by financial supranational organizations and/or structural reforms to be enforced in the medium/long-term. The Fund may also invest on an ancillary basis in equity-linked securities such as, but not limited to, debt securities convertible into common shares, preference shares and warrants on transferable securities of European issuers. The Fund may use financial instruments and derivatives for hedging purposes, for efficient portfolio management purposes and for investment purposes.


Volatilität (1 Jahr) 10,97%
Volatilität (3 Jahre) 20,14%
Jahreshoch 108,39 EUR
Jahrestief 90,37 EUR
12-Monats-Hoch 108,39 EUR
12-Monats-Tief 82,42 EUR
Sharpe Ratio (3 Jahre) 0,35
Tracking Error (1 Jahr) 59,47%
Korrelation (1 Jahr) 0,23
Information Ratio n.v.
Beta (1 Jahr) 0,22
Treynor Ratio (1 Jahr) 0,96
längste Verlustperiode* 1230
größter Verlust 34,26%
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